About us


Our site is led by founder Jag Singh

A independent domain name investor, consultant & brokerage,

Having spent over 12 years in the domain name industry, Jag has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to help global companies acquire premium domain names to improve their communications and brand development. 

Some Domain Names Jag Singh has sold & Co-Brokered >> Agility.com Monitors.com, Worm.com, Donut.com, Logo.app, Holiday.co.uk, Britain.co.uk + many more 

We always verify domain name ownership before listing it for sale with us. 90% of the names listed are owned by domain portfolio companies or domain name investor(s) that partner with Jag Singh to broker the domain name. 

We take privacy and security at the upmost importance…

When it comes to purchasing a domain name privately you can be rest assured that we have got you covered. Simply let us know and we will get all parties to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement). We work with many buyers and sellers that wish to be anonymous and confidential. By entrusting Jag as your domain broker to acquire a domain name on your behalf is what he does best, as default Jag never goes public on names that have been sold.  

When it comes to security a full due diligence is performed on the Domain name before it is listed, and purchases of over $5000+ are only done via an Escrow as we take security and the transfer process at the upmost importance. We use our trusted and secure payment solution partner Escrow.com.

The transaction is processed and protected by Escrow.com, a licensed U.S. escrow company. This makes the transaction more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of the agreement are met by both parties.

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