Domain Name Information

  • Registrar: GoDaddy
  • Creation Date: 1-Nov-1996
  • Expiry Date:  31-Oct-2017
  • Aged, 21 years old
  • EstiBot Appraisal: $ 837,000 USD ref

Search Engine Popularity

The overall value of the domain is increased by the term’s exceptional search-popularity. This popularity also suggests that a website utilizing would have a high probability of increasing its volume of traffic by capturing a larger portion of users searching for the keyword Monitors. Expanding the domain’s keyword-popularity could likely be accomplished with only limited marketing and branding efforts, which adds a second level of value to the domain’s overall worth.

Average Monthly Search Stats – Broad Match – monitors
  Monthly Searches: 6,250,000
  Cost Per Click: $1.41 USD
  Ad Competition: medium
  Data Age: Recent
Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [monitors]
  Monthly Searches: 27,750
  Cost Per Click: $1.80 USD
  Ad Competition: high
  Data Age: Recent

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How It Works

How it works


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